Homemade Christmas tree ornaments – 4 ideas with styrofoam balls

The best part of the Christmas holiday is the decoration of the Christmas tree. If you want to craft something new with your kids or just to update your old decor, learn how to make these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments! Styrofoam balls provide the perfect basis and are available in different sizes.  You can either pin or glue the decorations on the soft styrofoam surface and use various materials such as buttons, sequins, felt, pearl beads etc. Creativity knows no limits!

How to make beaded Christmas ornaments from styrofoam balls

cheap christmas decorations styrofoam ball colored buttons diy tutorial


– styrofoam ball – 3 inch/8 cm in diameter

– assorted buttons

– pins and small pearl beads (or you can use ready bead head pins)

– scissors

– waxed thread in nude color

– big needle

– hot glue gun

– ribbon bow.

Cut 15 inch/40 cm of waxed thread and thread on needle. Pass the needle through the styrofoam ball from side to side. On the bottom, thread and tie a button. Then reattach the thread on the needle and back through the ball in the opposite direction. Above, form a loop, tie a knot to secure and cut the leftover thread.

diy christmas tree ornaments styrofoam ball buttons pearls decoration homemade

Thread the pearls on the pins. Put a button on the styrofoam ball and put the pins in the holes, locking the button on the ball in the two holes. Then, continue pinning the other buttons until the entire surface of the ball is covered with buttons.  You can overlay the buttons, as well. To finish, add a beautiful bow with a pin or hot glue.

handmade christmas tree ornaments pearls pins colored buttons

Unique Christmas tree ornaments – “Artichoke style”

diy christmas decorations artichoke style styrofoam ball craft


– 63 6 x 6 cm squares of 100% cotton fabric

– scissors

– hot glue gun

– styrofoam ball of 3 inch/8 cm in diameter

– pins

– ribbon bow

Cut 62 squares of cotton fabric, 6cm x 6cm each. Take the styrofoam ball and place one fabric square on the top, securing with four pins, one on each end of the square. Take 60 squares and wrap them in half, forming a triangle. Fold them again, forming a smaller triangle.

diy christmas tree ornaments ideas red cotton fabric triangles decoration

Take a triangle and place on the ball, pinning it at both ends, in one of the corners of the square. Continue to place the triangles in all corners. Then go in between, until finishing the ball, always fixing the triangles with two pins. At the end, you will need the last square to fill the pattern on styrofoam. Take a square of fabric, create a very small hem on all four sides. For a perfect finish, attach the square to the ball with the pin inside the hem.

diy christmas tree ball crafts red squares cotton fabric decoration

Make a loop with the thread and fix it on the ball using the hot glue gun. To finish, fix the bow at the top of the ball.

unique christmas tree ornaments styrofoam ball artichoke style diy decoration

“Rustic style” Christmas tree ornaments arranged with mini pinecones

handmade christmas tree balls pinecones decoration step by step tutorial


– styrofoam ball of 6 cm in diameter

– mini pinecones or other dried floral supplies (these are Casuarina equisetifolia, Australian Pine, Ironwood pinecones)

– white craft glue

– twine thread

– scissors

– big needle

– toothpicks

– gold spray paint

Take 12 inch/30 cm of twine cord and cut it with the scissors. Thread the needle and pass it through the styrofoam ball, crossing from side to side. Turn backwards, forming a loop, and double-knot. Make a hole using a toothpick. Take the mini pinecones, dip the handle in the white glue and put in the hole, fixing it to the ball.

easy christmas crafts styrofoam ball pinecones gold spray decoration diy

Repeat the process until you have covered the entire ball. Spray the golden spray paint over the ball. To finish, tie a bow with twine to the hanging loop.

homemade christmas tree ornaments styrofoam ball pinecones idea rustic style

How to attach ribbon to styrofoam ball

sequin trim christmas tree ball decoration handmade diy tutorial


– styrofoam ball – 3 inch/ 8 cm in diameter

– 10 m of sequin trim – gold

– golden thread

– scissors

– hot glue gun

– organza ribbon bow

Take the styrofoam ball and make a line of hot glue. Place the sequin yarn over the glue, circling the entire ball. Repeat with second line in the same direction. Then glue the sequin yarn in the other direction, forming a cross.

easy christmas crafts how to make gold tree ball sequin yarn idea

Cover the entire ball with the strands of sequin trim until the styrofoam is completely concealed. Finish by making a hanging loop out of the golden thread and gluing it on the ball. Attach the bow and it is ready.

unique christmas tree ornaments styrofoam ball gold sequin yarn style

Diy “Honey bee” felt Christmas tree ornaments with gold beads

red felt christmas crafts diy christmas tree ball easy decoration


– red felt

– golden beads

– red thread

– needle

– 6 inch/15cm thin ribbon lace trim (white with red hearts)

– scissors

– 5 inch/12cm of circle template

– bow

Fold the felt fabric six times. Transfer the 5 inch/12 cm circle template on the folded felt fabric. Cut out the circles with the scissors over the line. You will have 12 felt circles.

cheap christmas tree decorations decorative lace red hearts

Make a loop from the 6 inch/15 cm ribbon trim and place it in the middle of the felt circles stack (2×6 circles), leaving 2 -3 inches (5 to 7 cm) of the handle out. Sew a line in the center of the circumference, securing all of them together.

christmas tree decorations with red felt ball gold beads diy

Combine two by two layers and secure with pins. It should look like a six pointed star. Then, sew the golden beads to create the honey comb pattern. Start with two beads up, two down and one in the middle. Continue until all felt layers are connected with beads. To finish sew the bow on the hanging loop.

homemade christmas tree ornaments honey bee felt decoration

homemade christmas tree ornaments diy ideas styrofoam balls