Snowman craft idea with white chrysanthemums to make this Christmas


The most wonderful holiday is near – Christmas. You are looking for an unusual Christmas decoration? We are offering you this lovely snowman craft idea as perfect highlight of your home and table decoration for the holidays.

Snowman craft idea with white chrysanthemums

snowman craft idea white chrysanthemums carrot branches christmas decoration

To make this wonderful snowman craft idea we will need the following materials:

– Floral foam for fresh flowers
– Thin wood branches (they should be straight and long enough)
– 2 or 3 branches of white chrysanthemums
– Raffia ribbon and pins with black and red heads
– A ceramic or a plastic tray
– Thin wire
– Carrot
– Knife and scissors.

flower sponge balls diy christmas snowman

First we need to make the body of the snowman. We have to cut three foam balls with different diameters. Cut the top and bottom of each ball with a knife, so that they can bond better together.

flower sponge wood stick table decoration holiday
Soak the foam balls in water. The floral foam is well soaked, when it is submerged in water without any pressure with your hand. After that stick them on thick wooden branch. Begin with the biggest ball in the base so that the snowman can stand upright. Make sure that the structure is stable enough. Now we can proceed to design and decorate.

snowman craft idea white fresh flowers chrysanthemums
Cut the blossoms of the chrysanthemums branches. Leave very short stems – about 2 cm. Stick the chrysanthemums in the foam balls, close enough to each other so that the foam underneath is no longer visible.

carrot snowman nose chrysanthemums white
For the nose of our snowman we will use a small carrot. Cut off the top of the carrot and peel the skin. Put the “nose” of the snowman in the center of the head. For the eyes of our snowman craft idea we will use black decorative pins and for the mouth – red pins.

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diy broom thin wood sticks raffia
To make a small broom use thin wooden branches and twigs. To bind them together use a raffia ribbon.

thin wire hat snowman handmade christmas decoration

As a hat for a real snowman we use most commonly a bucket. If you find one so small, you can use it, but it would be much more interesting, if you make a hat out of a thin wire.

snowman craft idea christmas decor broom wood sticks

To make the snowman hands use thin twigs again. Attatch the broom to the hand using raffia.

snowman craft idea christmas decoration chrysanthemums
And finally – do not forget to put your snowman on a ceramic or plastic tray to protect your furniture from getting wet.
As you can see this project is not difficult, is quite affordable and the result is great – a cheerful “floral” snowman that will cheer you and your family during the holidays. And what could be more important than the jolly mood? So spare no effort and make some lovely Christmas decorations.