Christmas crafts for kids – Making Christmas tree ornaments with pasta

Christmas is a special time of the year. Not only because you feel the jolly Christmas spirit everywehere around you, but also because you can spend much more time with your family. Yoy can start a great holiday tradition like the making of handmade Christmas decorations. If you are looking for some fun Christmas crafts for kids, then have a look at these adorable Christmas tree ornaments made with pasta.

Christmas crafts for kids with pasta

how to make pasta snowflakes tree ornaments gold Christmas crafts for kids

With different kinds of pasta you can create amazing snowflakes, flowers and small tabletop Christmas trees. Your kids will love helping you and by using their imagination, they can come up even with some new forms and designs. Bowties, wagon wheels, elbows, stelline ..  there are so many different pasta types that you can use. Glue them together by using a hot glue gun, color the ornaments with various paint colours and decorate with other embellishments. How easy and creative can  pasta be!

christmas crafts kids tree ornaments noodles idea

This snowflake is made of Penne pasta. You can try different layouts and of course, add some bead accents in the center of the star.

handmade tree Christmas crafts for kids pasta snowflake gold

Arrangement of the eight star points

diy christmas crafts for kids christmas tree ornaments pasta stars

Silver glitter adds a touch of glamour

cChristmas crafts for kids tree ornaments pasta silver star

Combine different kinds of pasta

homemade christmas tree ornaments pasta snowflake glitter


how to make pasta snowflakes christmas tree ornaments ideas


how to make christmas tree ornaments Christmas crafts for kids pasta


homemade pasta chritsmas tree ornaments snowflakes angels


diy pasta snowflakes tree ornaments gold crafts kids


homemade christmas tree ornament flower pasta red pearl

pasta flower christmas ornaments ribbons Conchiglioni Fussili Farfalle

 Christmas crafts for kids – How to make a tabletop Christmas tree

diy tabletop christmas tree green pasta golden ribbons


diy tabletop christmas tree gold pasta idea


diy mini christmas tree tabletop green fake snow


diy christmas trees pots gold silver pasta ribbons


christmas tree handmade idea tabletop tree


diy tabletop tree christmas gold ornaments ribbons


diy christmas tree pasta ribbons green gold plastic glas


diy christmas tree ornaments pasta angels crafts


christmas tree crafts gold ornaments pasta angels


christmas tree ornaments kids pasta angels gold


christmas crafts tree ornaments pasta angel idea


christmas tree ornaments decorations snowflake pasta forms


christmas crafts tree ornaments pasta elements


christmas crafts for kids ornaments white pasta snowflakes


christmas crafts kids tree ornaments pasta forms snowflakes

christmas crafts ideas diy gold wreath pasta

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