Christmas crafts for kids – 3 easy and inexpensive ideas

It is worth the extra time to write about how much kids love Christmas holidays. How eagerly they  await Santa Claus, write him a letter with Christmas wishes and are eager to open their gifts placed under the Christmas tree. Of course, kids just love Christmas holidays. Therefore, parents should think about some fun crafts they could enjoy with their kids. In today’s article we will share you 3 easy and inexpensive Christmas crafts for kids.

Christmas crafts for kids – handmade garland of ballerinas

christmas crafts for kids paper ballerina figurine decoration idea

You will need:
colored paper
ballerina template

These ballerinas are easy to make and can become an indispensable part of the winter home decor.

christmas crafts for kids diy handmade paper christmas tree ornaments different colors

christmas crafts for kids how to make paper ballerina figurine tutorial

The first thing to do is to cut out of paper a very simple snowflake. This will serve as a tutu for our ballerinas. Prepare the sheet of paper and fold it according to the instructions above. It would be better to use safety scissors for toddlers.

kids crafts for christmas how to cut ballerina tutu template inexpensive christmas crafts ideas

Next, download and print out the ballerina template. Fold a sheet of paper in half and trace the ballerinas. Cut along the outlines of the ballerina figurines.

christmas crafts diy handmade paper ballerina figurine colorful garland

Once all the parts are ready, it is time to combine them and to dress our ballerinas. If there are a lot of these, they will look very original like a colorful garland.

Christmas crafts for kids – cardboard snowflakes decoration

christmas crafts for kids paper snowflake christmas tree decoration

You will need:
toilet paper rolls
paint brush
blue paint
blue buttons or sequins

These 3D snowflakes can be original ornaments for your Christmas tree. And most importantly – you can make them together with your kids.

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christmas crafts for kids diy paper snowflake template used materials

Take an ordinary toilet paper roll and cut it into small rings, as in the figure above. After that, combine three rings and glue them together.

christmas crafts ideas paper christmas handmade decoration

Use blue paint and brushes and begin decorating the snowflakes. If you decide to use several colors, it is best to wait until the first color is dry and then continue.

christmas crafts for kids diy inexpensive christmas snowflake ornament

Finish the snowflake decor by gluing a blue sequin in the middle. Tie on a thread for hanging and voila! The Christmas snowflake is ready.

Christmas crafts for kids – walnuts decorated like apples

christmas crafts for kids diy panted walnuts red apples motive easy holiday decorating idea

You will need:
red paint
cloth (felt or any other thick cloth)
paper clips
artist paint brush

easy christmas craft idea walnuts for apples green fabric leaves holiday decoration used materials

Great idea for the development of fine motor and artistic skills in the kids, after all to make such “apples”, they will need to learn to cut and decorate.

christmas craft idea green leaf attachment walnut decoration paperclip handle

Cut the green felt leaf, which must first be strung on a paper clip. Make a loop and then stuck the clip ends in the nut.

diy christmas decoration red painted nuts apple motive ornament

Paint the walnut in red by holding it for the ear (the paper clip). Wait until it dries.

christmas kids craft walnuts garland red apples motive decoration

Then you can strung the red “apples” along the garland and decorate your walls, shelves, the Christmas tree, a chest of drawers and more.