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Clay flower pot crafts – 25 cute designs and painting ideas

Clay flower pot crafts painting-ideas-garden-decorations-hanging-dragonfly-butterflies

Brightly painted clay pots can be a real highlight in any garden or floral display but clay pot people and animals are even better way to personalize your yard. It’s your imagination and personal artistic skills that make your clay flower pot crafts come alive but everybody need every now and then a little bit inspiration. So have a look at these gorgeous ideas that you can make by yourself in a day!

Clay flower pot crafts for your garden

Clay flower pot crafts painting-ideas-garden-decor-frog-prince

You can’t meet your prince without kissing a frog, they say. Make your own Frog Prince and give him your heart. You need 1 clay bowl (17 cm in diameter), 2 styrofoam balls (5 mm, 6 mm in diameter), foam rubber sheets in yellow, light and dark green, acrylic paint, mounting adhesive, paint brush and cutter.

1. Cut the small styrofoam ball in half and glue each piece using the mounting adhesive on the clay bowl for eyes.

2. Now prime and paint the clay frog. Draw the eyes and a big smile.

3. Cut the feet from the foam rubber sheet. Pay attention to their structure – a piece of light and another one of dark green foam. Make the gold crown from the yellow sponge rubber and decorate.

4. Paint the bigger styrofoam ball in gold.

Clay flower pot crafts – Make pot-people and pot-animals


Pot people can be made in a variety of designs and configurations. Use different sizes of used and broken pots, acrylic craft paint, a small paint brush, larger craft brushes and a clear spray-on polyurethane finish to seal the paint. The clay pots are held together using nylon rope or wire. Hold the pieces firmly together by tying a knot at each end. Put an interesting plant in the pot that serves as head to resemble hair. Decorate your friend with clothing, gloves and hats.

Have a look at all these great ideas for clay flower pot crafts and choose your personal favorite! Consider what you can use for the project – raffia for hair, wooden craft balls for hands, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers and much more! And most importantly – have fun!

Diy clay pot lighthouse with integrated solar garden light

Clay flower pot crafts painting-ideas-garden-lighthouse-solar-light

wind chime made of clay flower pot with dangling ducks and butterflies ornaments


diy wind chime for the garden made of terracotta pots


sheep figures made of terracotta pots

Clay flower pot crafts painting-ideas-sheeps

purple dressed man with purple plant hair


clay pot farmer man with straw hat

Clay flower pot crafts painting-ideas-people-farmer-man

clay pot women with curly hair painted in yellow and orange


clay pot mouse holding wooden bucket with money gift


duckling and bee made of clay pots

Clay flower pot crafts painting-ideas-duck-bee

a small village with clay pot houses


how to make a clay pot mermaid


clay pot girl holding another flower pot with cyclamen


Eskimo figurine made of terracotta flower pots


clay pot black cat with pink ribbon


Clay flower pot dog figurine with white fur

Clay flower pot crafts-painting-ideas-dog

clay bowl painted like a green turtle


a clay pot mouse and a clay pot cat fishing together


fruit bringing girl made of clay flower pots


diy clay flower man with straw hair